A Hands-On Research and Development Lab,
and a Proud recipient of a
Barbara Bush Foundation for Literacy grant.

To provide family-based educational opportunities that allow
parents and their children to strengthen themselves and their communities.

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Welcome to Austin Learning Academy. We are parents, state-certified teachers, and volunteers who are working to build stronger individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Our goal is to help develop healthy, capable communities that can create the opportunities their citizens need to thrive in education, economic, social, and civic arenas.

What do we do?
We think of our work as street-level research and development. We start by creating a a nurturing learning environment. We equip it with the right learning tools, including the most appropriate interactive technologies. Our programs are based on starting and building long-term relationships with the families that participate in the broad and exciting range of learning activities.

With our partners, we work to build stronger individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Our focus is on families — the cornerstone of healthy communities. We teach. As state-certified teachers, we believe we can teach anybody almost anything.

We invite you to explore our web site, learn about our programs, students, achievements and volunteer opportunities.

At Austin Learning Academy we believe that everyone can learn and we we thank everyone who helped to make our programs such a wonderful success!

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